What’s In My Hand Luggage (holiday edition)

This is the first ever 'What's In My Hand Luggage' post. To be honest, I thought it would be a great post to do, as it kind of gives an insight to what I also carry in my backpack when I go out. I'm taking two cameras (Sony DSC-H400 which is a digital compact camera... Continue Reading →


Collective Haul part 2

I decided to do another one of these posts. So basically I'm showing what I bought for myself/ what people got for me over the last month (mainly my parents, which I am grateful for). Most of the items are for my holiday which is Thursday 26 July, so tomorrow (well for me it is,... Continue Reading →

Collective Haul

This post was pretty much just going to be a haul type post, where I shared the things that I have bought within the last 2 weeks or so but then I came across the stuff I got whilst I visited Scotland at the end of April. So this post is basically showing what I... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Crêpes, Deadpool 2 and Pizza

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Trying to come up with interesting things to write about when I don't really do anything interesting is tough sometimes. But it got me thinking of doing blog posts like these? Kind of like me just documenting what I got up to on the day, anything in particular... Continue Reading →

First Uni Open Day Experience

Today's post is pretty much my own experience at my first open day at university. This was my first ever open day which was at UCLAN in Preston on the 24th March. I was supposed to write this for the end of March, but I never got around to it. I was quite nervous to go... Continue Reading →

March Favourites!

I thought this would be a good post to do to round up the month of March. It also gives you an insight to what I have been loving recently. First up is Netflix. These are my top 2 favourites on there at the moment. RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 10) I have been waiting so long for... Continue Reading →

Spring is upon us

First of all, my apologies that this post is just over an hour late, I've been super busy today doing my UCAS application. (It's so stressful and I didn't realise how long it would actually take).  Now onto the blog post! Finally spring is here! Don't get me wrong I honestly love the cold weather. I... Continue Reading →


Sorry I have been MIA for the past three weeks. I've been lacking in the motivation department. Deciding on what I want to blog about is actually quite stressful, especially when I haven't really done anything exciting for quite a while. But I've finally gathered up some potential ideas for the next few posts. I'll... Continue Reading →

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Today's post is basically a little run through of how I edit my Instagram photos. The majority of my photos that are on Instagram have been taken on my iPhone, more specifically from January 2 2016. There are a few photos on there that I didn't take with my phone as I do like to... Continue Reading →

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