Spring is upon us

First of all, my apologies that this post is just over an hour late, I’ve been super busy today doing my UCAS application. (It’s so stressful and I didn’t realise how long it would actually take). 

Now onto the blog post!

Finally spring is here! Don’t get me wrong I honestly love the cold weather. I prefer the coldness rather than summer weather. The reason why spring is one of my favourite seasons is that it’s just beautiful to see flowers and plants starting to bloom. I’ve seen a few daffodils starting to bloom over the last few days as well as the snow drop flower. (I think it’s something like that, it looks similar to the bluebell). The mornings have started getting lighter (6:00am) carrying on into the evenings. I love waking up to a bright blue sky with no clouds in sight (I don’t mind the odd cloud). I find it so much more relaxing and it puts me in a good mood, and in all honesty it makes me want to be productive or go out for a stroll. Unlike waking up to grey skies (which I honestly don’t mind either), they sort of make me feel unmotivated and lazy.
My mind officially went to ‘spring mode’the other day. I was walking into town and I passed by the cricket club, the smell of freshly cut grass was lingering in the air. Freshly cut grass is another one of the things I love about spring. I love the smell of it. (Probably weird right? I don’t know anyone else who loves the smell of cut grass). It may be spring but it’s not fully spring until spring showers start right? That may not be the case in the next coming week or so..as it could be snowing (again) as I’ve seen on the weather app on my phone (which is sometimes very accurate and other times..not so much). 
Pastel colours. Could you consider pastel colours as spring? Maybe. The colours blend so well together. It sort of screams spring in a way. Sunsets fill the sky with all these beautiful toned colours, mainly pinks, blues and peaches. Maybe the odd purple and orange. Pastel coloured sunsets are astonishing really. Just like any other sunset is really amazing. They are never the same.
I would share some spring photos with you guys but I haven’t got any pictures from this spring yet, but I am going to share a few of my favourite spring photos from last spring, I hope you enjoy them, maybe they might encourage you to get photos of the flowers in bloom. Who knows. (pictures are below)


These photos are also filter free.



I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do. Also if you want to check out more of my photography my Instagram is (@l.a._.photography)

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Sorry I have been MIA for the past three weeks. I’ve been lacking in the motivation department. Deciding on what I want to blog about is actually quite stressful, especially when I haven’t really done anything exciting for quite a while. But I’ve finally gathered up some potential ideas for the next few posts.

I’ll be posting a new blog post tomorrow, at 6pm (UK time).


My Top 15 Current Favourite Songs

I thought this would be a cool blog post to do. It kind of gives you an insight into what music I listen to, which is always a cool thing to learn about someone. Who knows, you may come away with some new music to listen to. These songs are all from a playlist I put together on spotify, ‘current favourites’, I also made it public in case you wanted to go check it out. If any of you are looking for some new music, you can browse/ follow my spotify playlists which are all public. I quite like to think that my music taste is quite varied as I don’t like to listen to one genre all the time, so there’s definitely a mixture of different genres and styles. I’m pretty sure I’m rambling now but I hope you like these songs if you do listen to them. My spotify username will be at the end of this post.

Also, comment down below what your favourite songs/ albums/ artists are, as I would love to know what kind of music you’re into.

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This post is a collab with talented photographer and blogger Eternitytypes. Go check out her blog and Instagram account. Her post will be up sometime during Sunday, so make sure you give her a follow so then you’ll know when it’s up.

I’ve decided to share with you some of my favourite photos that I took on my iPhone in 2017. I’ve condensed it down to 10 pictures, which are from the months January through to June. I would have posted my favourite photos from all 12 months but I think there would be too many (I have a really hard time choosing favourites). So I thought it would be best to do it in two separate parts. I have decided against editing my pictures as I do really like them unfiltered. Natural. Surprisingly there isn’t a photo of food. They are all mainly nature related, as that is what I love taking pictures of.

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Rather late ‘What I got for Christmas’.

Is it too late to share a “What I got for Christmas” post?

Maybe it could be considered as a fashionably late post or even potentially birthday gift ideas for family members or friends.

This is kind of a long post. I also want to point out that the intention of this sort of post is not to brag in any way. I am super grateful for the gifts I received off my family.

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